Lessons every 20-something discovers


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  1. There is no right way to do things.

    The realisation that there is no right way to live your life is very daunting, but can also be incredibly freeing. 

  2. No one actually cares.

    Learning that no one really cares about what you’re wearing, or how you look means that you begin to stop spending so much time worrying about what people think!

  3. You don’t have to accept everyone’s advice. 

    While people often give advice with the best intentions, it doesn’t mean the advice is right for you. You don’t have to agree with or accept the advice, just thank them and do things your way!

  4. Learn to say yes. 

    The importance of saying yes to opportunities reveals itself in your 20s. Saying yes can open so many doors for you, whether this be in your career or personal life.

  5. Learn to say no.

    However, saying no is equally important. If you don’t want to do something, or you don’t have time, saying no can help you concentrate on what is important and allows you to better focus your time. Resist the pressure and say no if you need to!

  6. Apologise if you have done something wrong.

    Saying sorry can be so difficult, but in your 20s you discover the power of apologising. Admitting you were in the wrong and saying sorry is not only a sign of maturity but can also be really liberating.

  7. Stop saying sorry.

    On the other hand, you learn to stop apologising when you haven’t done anything wrong!

  8. People you love are so important!

    When you get into your 20s the importance of family and/or friends becomes apparent. People who love and support you through tough times are invaluable and you begin to realise how precious time spent with loved ones is.

  9. Toxic people need to go.

    You also realise that people who bring negativity, don’t support you or bring you down are better off out of your life.

  10. Life passes by so quickly.

    Living for the moment is crucial, as in your 20s you discover how fast the years start to speed by. So make the most of the time you have, spending it doing things you love!

  11. Actually, no one ‘has it together’.

    Whether you think it or not, no one really has everything together.

  12. You realise how much you don’t know.

    In your 20s it becomes apparent that there is so much you don’t know, despite how knowledgeable you thought you were at 18, this all changes as you hit your 20s.

  13. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. 

    If you need help, ask for it. You learn that there is no shame in admitting you might need a hand, and often you find that people are more than willing to help!

  14. Take care of yourself.

    You realise the importance of looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether this be trying to eat healthier or treating yourself to a hot bath and a glass of wine after a long day.

  15. Sometimes things don’t work out.

    Your 20s is an extremely transitional time in your life, and you start to notice that not everything works out how you thought it would. But that’s fine! Often this is making way for new things you never knew you wanted.

  16. Open-mindedness is a great trait to have.

    Everyone is different, and developing an open mind is crucial to happiness and success in your later life.

  17. Pick your battles.

    The uncontrolled teenage angst starts to wane and you discover that not every disagreement needs to be an argument.

  18. Alone time is so important.

    In your 20s you learn how to spend time with yourself, and that sometimes this is needed. Time alone is essential to getting to know yourself.

  19. Stop comparing yourself to others.

    You will have heard this said for many years before your 20s, but it’s not until now you begin to practice it and discover it’s value.

  20. Have FUN!

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